Our services

Banking & finance

We count ourselves among the best practitioners for derivatives, structured finance, debt and equity capital markets.

Our key strength is the ability to put at our clients’ disposal our unrivalled:

• technical product expertise; 

• state-of-the-art knowledge of domestic, US and European laws and regulations; 

• ongoing contact with the market and regulators;

• experience across the European, U.S. and all the major Latin American markets,

to ensure that our clients will always be one step ahead and receive outstanding value every time.

We thrive on complex and innovative transactions and structures at the leading edge of the international capital markets. Our practice covers:

• the full range of derivative products;

• structured finance; 

• securitisation transactions; and

• equity, debt and equity-linked (convertible and exchangeable) bond issues

Financial regulation

Since the 2008 global crisis, financial regulation, especially in the US and Europe, has gone from a rather lax system to an arguably overregulated minefield. Not only that, but financial regulators are increasingly keen on enforcing their domestic rules on an extraterritorial basis.

Given the current regulatory mood, and the heavy handed sanctions that some noncompliant entities have had to face, avoiding pitfalls is now more important than ever.

Fortunately for our clients, international financial regulation is one of our specialties. We are fully conversant with all there is to know about financial regulation, and its impact on our clients’ business across jurisdictions.

From Dodd-Frank with its Title VII and Volcker Rule to FATCA, EMIR, MiFID, MiFIR, the CRR/CRD IV, Basel III and others, our clients, whether dealers or end users, need to know what the impact for them will be and how they need to react.

New regulation has brought into play a number of game changers such as:

• mandatory clearing and mandatory trading of OTC derivatives;

• derivatives reporting; 

• position limits;

• prohibitions on proprietary trading;

• swap dealer registration;

• new rules on capital charges,

and several more that any business needs to know if it is to successfully  engage in financial transactions.

As the regulatory landscape evolves, our clients know they can rely on blx’s experts for all aspects of financial regulation.

Our experience includes extensive, across-the-business advice as to the impact of US regulation on a European banking group, including:

• the registration of its holding entity as a swap dealer in the US;

• the adaptation of its business, policies and procedures, internal control and compliance mechanisms;

• the interplay of US and European regulation, finding the most efficient way to streamline the business avoiding overregulation where possible;

• bringing its business across the group into compliance with the US prop trading prohibition; and

• engineering a groundbreaking solution that allowed its subsidiaries and affiliates to refer business to the main entity without having to register them as introducing brokers in the US.

One of the solutions that we have developed from the ground-up to cut through the enormous complexity of increasing, overlapping and ever-changing regulation, is RegBot. RegBot is blx’s virtual lawyer that provides real-time regulatory advice at our clients’ fingertips.


Our compliance practice helps our clients to:

• identify and manage conflicts of interest;

• identify and manage global marketing and selling restrictions;

• deal with local regulatory bodies and equivalent foreign bodies;

• respond to local or cross-border investigations and enforcement actions by one or more regulatory bodies, covering wide ranging issues such as governance, remuneration, complaints handling, insider dealing, or market abuse;

• establish new mechanisms necessary to comply with the law or regulation, such as access to trading and clearing platforms for financial transactions, pre-trade obligations, transaction reporting, etc.

• establish documentation, reporting structures and decision-making processes in connection with regulatory matters, including formalities and contents in each case.

Our first-class regulatory expertise, matched with our unparalleled business understanding and experience ensures a solid compliance service at our client’s disposal.

We have acted as compliance specialists for financial entities, ensuring that their policies, procedures, controls and practices would remain compliant with current regulation.

Also, at the cutting edge of regulatory compliance technology, we have developed RegBot, a virtual co-pilot to enable our client’s compliance in real time.

Private equity

Our capabilities allow us to provide the most effective advise to private equity houses, investors, funds, banks and financial institutions at all stages, from establishing the fund and making investments, to ongoing portfolio assistance including restructuring advice, to exiting from those investments.

Our acumen and experience in respect of all matters financial, as well as investment management, securitisations and regulatory provide our clients the best support to structure the best investment methods for their purposes.

Technology & outsourcing

 Increasingly, companies are using more technology and outsourcing to achieve their strategic business objectives. The negotiation of outsourcing agreements presents its own range of risks and challenges, especially for those companies in regulated sectors.

Capital markets

We advise banks, financial entities, companies and any other kinds of client on domestic and international bank financing transactions in a number of industry, commercial and financial sectors.

Our experience as advisers for arranging banks, lenders, credit enhancers and borrowers in a variety of scenarios is the best tool for us to anticipate and address the requirements of all parties to a transaction.

Clients benefit from our first-class expertise in banking and finance, including:

• Financial structuring

• Asset finance 

• Acquisition finance

• Leveraged finance

• Syndicated finance

• Trade and emerging markets finance 

• Restructuring

Through our participation in trade associations and industry discussions, we offer our clients a view of the inner workings of the sophisticated financial markets, enabling them to anticipate issues, manage risks and succeed in their goals.

Fintech law

We offer cutting edge fintech and regtech expertise. Our expertise in no small part comes from our own first-hand involvement in regtech projects, such as RegBot, blx’s virtual regulatory compliance advisor.

The world is changing and technology will play an ever increasingly important role in a vast number of areas that, up until recently were dealt with exclusively by humans.

That change is already taking place, and blx is already at the top of that game to help your business benefit from it.

Project finance

We are ideally suited to advise on complex projects of any kind and size.

Be it oil and gas, petrochemicals, LNG, thermal power, renewable energy, nuclear energy, telecoms, water and waste, mining, airports, roads and bridges, ports, stadia or rail infrastructure projects, we can advise.

Our expertise places us in the best position to advise governments, sponsors, lenders, contractors and suppliers. We have the necessary know-how, pragmatism and commercial understanding of our client’s goals to anticipate, understand and find the right solutions to issues and problems that may arise during the course of a project.

We offer our clients the possibility to combine different forms of structured finance techniques to suit their needs, including:

• monetisations;

• asset acquisitions;

• securitizations;

• portfolio financings;

• restructurings;

• leveraged finance; and 

• hedging

Distressed debt & restructuring

Our distressed debt & restructuring practice has received special praise from our clients.

Our skills in the negotiation of distressed debt and restructuring transactions, built upon our banking and finance, structured finance, private equity and risk knowledge and experience, offer a rock-solid, commercially savvy legal service.

Emerging markets

We are proud of our long standing tradition working in emerging markets. We know the people, the cultures and the language of high growth markets better than most.

We have delivered top-notch advice in complex matters to clients in several Latin American geographies for many years and we are committed to keep going strong, consistently delivering results at the highest standard.

Risk management

Today’s global markets pose an increasingly demanding landscape where regulation is ever-changing, burdensome and poses cross-border challenges to be overcome.

Having built our experience upon years working side by side with our clients across a range of practice areas, disciplines, sectors and geographies, we can help find effective solutions to the issues your company faces, whether related to governance, regulation, operational matters or culture: we are committed to securing the long-term commercial success of our clients.

Crisis management

It pays to be prepared for the unexpected. Any entity may, at one time or another face:

• Regulatory sanctions and fines

• Investigation due to actions of an employee

• Bankruptcy of a counterparty

• Fraud

• Product recall

Having the right legal adviser by your side can make all the difference in preventing crises before they hit, as well as managing and containing them once they have occurred.

We can:

• at a preventative stage, help identify and correct risk factors;

• assist with any internal investigations;

• help put together and implement an action plan;

• act as information repository for the facts (under legal privilege);

• make the right information available to decision makers;

• help construct an accurate and consistent communication strategy;

• provide legal advice to the board and management to eliminate or limit collateral impact; and

• liaise with regulators on our clients’ behalf.

Our experience include advising entities impacted by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, the Madoff fraud, regulatory sanctions in the US and regulatory investigations in the US in respect of actions of rogue employees.