Business spoken here

We like to think of ourselves as business enablers through legal expertise.

Blx is an international legal consultancy in matters of business law, banking law and financial law, specialised in sophisticated and complex business transactions and international capital markets regulation.

We offer an unrivalled mixture of experience, expertise and business acumen: a practical, no-nonsense bridge between law and business.

How are we different? We connect the dots.

Because we have worked from within the business, we know just how frustrating it can be when external counsel leaves one’s questions unanswered and one is left to draw their own conclusions.

That’s why we at Blx connect the dots: our advice tells our clients exactly what they need to know to get their business accomplished. We are convinced that true value is the result of matching state-of-the-art legal and regulatory expertise with real-life commercial considerations, never losing sight of our client’s goals.

Even better: Our specialisation in international financial regulation gives our clients in the financial sector the advantage of the most complete and up-to-date regulatory analysis for their business. We are specialists in implementation plans to help our clients navigate regulatory change.

How can we help? Experience and expertise.

With many years’ experience helping clients structure and negotiate financial products, providing expert advice in respect of derivatives, securities and structured products to both dealers and end-users, ranging from operational to strategic matters, we pride ourselves to be among the best qualified to help our clients achieve their goals.